Small Farmers Micro Loan Fund Has Moved!

Farmers are incredibly dedicated to producing and distributing healthy, natural foods to their local communities. Their work provides many health benefits to those who use their products.

Yet these dedicated men and women often face difficult hurdles that result from unpredictable weather events, the economy, and their need to keep equipment up to date. In many cases, just a small loan at a low rate of interest can give them the resources they need to plant more acreage or new crops, or repair or buy equipment.

New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association now provides Micro-Loans for NM Farmers

Loans in amounts of $500 to $3,000 are available for any small-scale farmers who sell their produce at New Mexico farmers’ markets. The loans have a 6% fixed interest rate and can be paid back within 40 months. For eligibility requirements and pre-qualification letter guidelines, please go to  The Micro-Loan Program is now administered by New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association.

The purpose of the loan program is to help small-scale farmers who may have difficulty obtaining funds from other sources obtain loan funds at reasonable rates with individualized payment schedules. The New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association and Sandia Area Federal Credit Union are ensuring that this program continues to support the economic growth of agricultural producers across New Mexico.

Comments from Farmers

Even the little ones helped.

Even the little ones helped. 


“I was at the New Mexico Farmers Market Managers’ meeting and met Nora Haskins from the Permaculture Guild. I wanted to put up a fence as a wind break around my garden and put in a drip system.  She said she could help with a loan from PCU.  So within just a few weeks I had $3,000 to work with. Now I have almost 7,000 square feet in the garden.  I used metal roofing from the scrap yard, so it was all different colors.  I thought that if I had a paint party (Tom Sawyer-style) I could have my grandkids and several others over and let them design whatever they wanted.  There were no limits or instructions on what they could do, just have fun and spread some paint.  My wife, daughter, our friend Yolanda and myself, dished out paint, drinks and pizza and this was the result.  I now have a beautiful wind break and no one else has one that looks the same.  All the kids, from 4-14, have shown a great amount of talent and commitment.  They were Awesome!”

John Harley
Pitchfork Ranch
Tucumcari, NM

“Being a small business, and with the current state of the national economy it is difficult at best for small producers to secure financing. With your help we were able to get the needed funds to purchase our tractor. We are seeing the projected savings as we no longer rent a tractor for daily farm chores. We also have been able to provide a more healthy environment for ourEd & Michael enjoy their new tractor

Ed & Michael enjoy their new tractor

animals as we are able to clean barns and maintain their areas more frequently. We have used the tractor to complete needed fencing,

and it has come in very handy in moving the milk and hay trailers, helping increase efficiency and providing a better working environment for our staff. It also looks good on the farm, as you can see by the photo! Your support is greatly, greatly appreciated.”

Michael & Ed Lobaugh
The Old Windmill Dairy
Estancia, NM


“I grow carrots, potatoes, and onions in Cerro, N.M., and needed a loan to complete the construction of a refrigerated storage building to hold my harvest so that I can sell it from August through December. The process of getting the micro-loan was as easy as explaining why I wanted the loan in a letter that I composed in a few minutes and emailed to the Permaculture Guild. I received a phone call a week later letting me know that the loan was approved; not even a credit check was required. After completion of a one page loan application with the PCU , I had the loan funds in my pocket. The Permaculture Guild has made the micro-loan application process as easy and pleasant as I can imagine.”

Daniel Carmona
Cerro Vista Farm
Cerro, NM

Margaret Campos & Her Mother Eremita at Comida de Campos in Embudo, NM


“The Permaculture Guild really came through when we needed them, seemingly without the normal pressures of dealing with a bank. Their actions reflect a community minded group who care about the success of their local economy.”


Margaret Campos
Comida de Campos
Embudo, NM